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Fuego Volcano Relief

On June 3, 2018, Volcano Fuego, near el Rodeo, erupted leaving  a path of devastation. The lava and debris has covered villages and left many homeless and without food or their possessions. El Rodeo, and the surrounding communities, are special to us because of the work and ministry done in these areas over the past nine years, with various teams. 


This fundraiser is to help raise money to provide immediate needs like water, food, clothing, hot meals and cleaning supplies to those in need. It is to also to help provide resources to those doing search and rescue missions. We ask that you first pray for Guatemala, families that loss loved ones, those effected, the shelters, and those that are helping. Then give as you feel led. 


The people in these villages have very little.

Please consider giving to help provide for their needs.


If you would like to give, select HELP NOW. Then select 'Quick Give'

and select 'Volcano Eruption Relief' under the

Fund drop down menu.

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