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About Live.Love.Go. Guatemala
Live.Love.Go. is currently serving families in 7 different communities of Guatemala. Various other villages and communities has been visited to provide food and clothing, houses, or ‘Bags of Love.’
Live.Love.Go. has a feeding and teaching program in Santa Rosa el Rodeo and work with over 100 kids and their families on a weekly basis. That feeding program is on the same property as the church that was built and planted through this ministry. A second feeding and teaching program is being built and started in Astillero, near Escuintla.
Live. Love. Go. Also works with various church partners by hosting mission trips various times during the year. The summer trips provides team members opportunities to serve children through VBS, build houses, host medical clinics, serve meals, distribute food and clothing and other ways as well. The winter trip serves as a time to provide school scholarships, give Christmas presents (Bags of Love), and host a Pastor’s Conference.

How Live.Love.Go. Began

It all started through a short-term mission trip to Guatemala by a mission team from Bethel Baptist Church, Citronelle, AL. The team went and partnered with another mission group and God gave team members the desire to start a new mission in Guatemala. In 2009, the team returned to Guatemala a spent part of the week in an orphanage and the rest of the time in a few villages. Two trips were made the following year, and the Lord provided the vision for Live.Love.Go. during that second week. A simple question sparked a desire to invest into an ongoing ministry to meet physical and spiritual needs. Bro. Tony Meinhardt asked the question to Pastor Max. He asked, “Is there a project that God has laid on your heart?” Pastor Max told the group about a community called Santa Rosa el Rodeo and the need for an evangelical church to reach the people. In 2011, Marvin and Jennifer Robinson moved to Guatemala for the summer to oversee the church being built and planted in that community. That was the start to Live.Love.Go. ministries. Today, that church serves as a hub to reach other communities.
Live.Love.Go. Now
Live.Love.Go. is now serving many families in 7 different villages. The church and feeding program is in Santa Rosa el Rodeo and serves over 100 children and their families weekly. The past 5 years we have seen: over 140 houses built for families, more than 20,000 pounds of food and clothing has been distributed, 2500 families have been helped, many people served through medical clinics, multiple pastors have been ministered and taught, approximately 300 children have received a yearlong school scholarship, multiple professions of faith, baptisms and marriages. The ministry has had the privilege to have over 20 churches send mission teams to serve over the past 5 years, and many return yearly. The reason each one comes to serve is to be the hands and feet of Jesus to meet physical needs and share the true love of Christ.

The Future of Live.Love.Go.
Live.Love.Go. continues to expand its opportunities for families by reaching into new communities. Pastor Max and his family has a huge burden to reach his fellow Guatemalans with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministry would not be the same without his love and leadership. Pastor Max continues to search and discover needs in many communities southwest of Antigua. The group continues to serve the people of Quinta Vadera, Asceituno, Trinidad, Los Olivos, and Santa Rosa el Rodeo. A village that we are focusing upon is the Astillero community near Escuintla.
The prayer for Astillero is that God will transform that village. The future plan is to start a feeding and teaching program in this community. The land has been purchased and the structure is currently being built. There are many spiritual needs in this community. Continous building efforts, food and clothing distributions, and partnerships will be the focus for upcoming trips.
We also desire to purchase some land closer to Santa Rosa el Rodeo and build a mission house to host teams. Currently, we will rent facilities in Antigua to house our mission teams. However, we believe that it is time to build a mission house to provide more opportunities for teams to come and serve short-term in Guatemala. The goal is to have property large enough for a mission house, storgage buildings, land to cultivate and space for future expansions. Future expansion on this site could be a much needed medical clinic to serve nearby villages, or a Christian school.
Finally, our overall future goal is to continue to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by training up local missionaries and disciples, to go and share not only in Guatemala, but wherever the Savior leads.

The Legal Stuff
Live.Love.Go. is based in Citronelle,AL. Live.Love.Go. is part of the ministry under Bethel Baptist Church, which is a full registered non-profit ministry. All gifts and donations are tax-deductible. If you would like to book someone to come and share more about Live.Love.Go. and how you can become part of this ministry please contact them at Live.Love.Go. is a fully registered non-profit organization in Guatemala. Live.Love.Go. is only funded by Church partnerships and amazing individuals that are investing in the lives of Guatemalans. We are honored and humbled to have so many amazing people on our team! We encourage you to please check out the entire website to see what God is doing in Guatemala. We need many partners to reach the goals that God has placed before us.
Vision Statement
To meet the physical and spiritual needs in Guatemala; because of the life our Savior lived, the love our Savior has, and the call to go make disciples..
Mission Statement
Live.Love.Go. exist to equip and disciple Christians to utilize their spiritual gifts to spread the Gospel throughout the world with the goal of developing disciples who make disciples in the areas we are sent through ministry and the proclamation of the Gospel.

Lordship of Christ
We are committed to a lifestyle of faith and prayer through the leading of the Holy Spirit. We recognize God as our source and all success comes by His grace working in our lives. (John 5:19)

Great Commandment
We are committed to the respect and appreciation of all Christians regardless of ministry, ethnicity, culture or gender. We aspire to conduct all relationships according to biblical principles in the bond of love and unity. (Matthew 22:37-39)

Great Commission
We are committed to Christ’s mandate to bring closure to the Great Commission; Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.
(Matthew 28:19-20)

We are committed to reconciliation, restoration, and respect for the Body of Christ. We strive to practice good stewardship with all things that God entrusts to us as we hold ourselves accountable to the Vision, Mission, and Core Values of Live.Love.Go. (I Peter 4:10-11)

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